About us

What is Millenium Center?


  • A group of friends;

  • An association with an extended range of activity;

  • A youth organization with a 9-year experience, acquired in the projects that took place from 2000 till 2009;

  • The members and the volunteers of the association come from different professional fields and are of different ages and trainings, form pupils and students to fresh university graduates and experts with experience in certain fields;


  • A door open for those young people who wish to get involved in different projects, and opportunity offered to those who wish to make a difference;


Aim and objectives:

MILLENNIUN CENTER is a non-profit organization. It was founded in April 2000 out of the desire to offer a legal and organized environment for the young people’s initiatives.

Our AIM is to promote the interests of the young people on a social, cultural, educational, sports and economical level. In other words, we wish to promote our generation.

We are to achieve our aim through these OBJECTIVES:


  • Promoting the young in all the fields of the social-economic life;
  • Helping the young people acknowledge and respect their legal rights and obligations, supporting them in their contacts with the local and central authorities;
  • Promoting the principles of democracy and fighting against totalitarism and extremist ideologies;
  • Informing the young people of certain opportunities that might exist in the educational, cultural and social fields;
  • Promoting ecological principles, the protection of the environment and the education of the youngsters to respect nature;
  • Organizing cultural-artistic shows, sport events and recreational and educational activities;
  • Promoting dialogue between generations;
  • PPromoting an inter-cultural, European dimension;
  • Giving social scolarships;
  • Promoting activities in the field of numismatics or other hobbies;
  • Promoting tourism and sports;
  • Family and child protection;
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