Action of cleaning and painting on T-Shirts at Şoimoş

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About 40 pupils from several high-schools from Arad were present at Şoimoş fortress taking part to an action organized by Millennium Center and Mircea Galea – the local facilitator. The event took place on the 22nd of April 2009 on the day celebrating „Earth’s Day”. Together with the Association’s volunteers, they painted on old T-Shirts messages about their feelings regarding nature and afterwards they cleaned the fortress and its surroundings. It was an activity enjoyed by all the persons present as they painted, took advantage of the fresh air and of the beauty of the surroundings and left behind a cleaner fortress, gathering an important quantity of garbage. Hoping that the action was not in vain, the youngsters are asking all those who visit the fortress, and not only, to learn to enjoy nature’s charm without leaving evidence of their passing by. The care and respect for the nature is the way through which we can all give thanks for the peace and quite that nature brings to our everyday life.

The action took place with the help of Lipova City Hall and the Agency for the Protection of Environment, Arad as well as with the help of students and pupils coming from: “CFR” High-school Arad, „Moise Nicoară” National College, „Vasile Goldiş” Theoretical High-school, Economical College Arad, „Adam Muller Guttembrun” Theoretical High-school, “Iuliu Maniu” Industrial High-school, Arad.

„Cultural Clusters – To be Discovered” is an EVS project created by Millennium Center Associationin collaboration with other 33 organizations and volunteers from 21 European and neighbouring states. The activities started in December 2007 and will continue until May 2009, allowing to host 52 foreign volunteers during all stages of the project. The stages were of different length, from 2 – 10 months.

The project is realized with the support of the European Commission, through the European Voluntary Service in the framework of the “Youth in Action” program. The project has been nominalized as being one of the good practice projects at the 2008 “Youth in Action” level. So far, the partners of the project are: Arad City Hall, Arad County Council, „Lunca Mureşului” Natural Park, Covăsânţ City Hall, Sintea Mare City Hall, Suplacu de Barcău City Hall, The Youth County Institution Arad, CERT Apuseni, „Iniţiativa Tinerilor” Association and Arad Children’s Palace.

The activities from „Cultural Clusters – To be Discovered” have been implemented in communities from the following counties: Arad (Sintea Mare, Covăsânţ, Arad), Alba (Abrud and Roşia Montana), Bihor (Suplacu de Barcău) and Galaţi (Schela). All of them are close to finalization, taking into consideration the date that marks the end of the project. The whole number of volunteers that participated to the project in Arad is 26, from which 5 of them are still being present.

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