Intercultural evening organized by Millennium Center Association in Flex

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An event organized by Millenniun Center Association, Mircea Galea – the local coordinator and the five volunteers who are still in Arad: Kakha Phashurishvili, Danuta Janska, Anita Ladisic, Maxim Baibus and Kaire Tekku, took place Tuesday evening in club Flex. This event is also part of „Cultural Clusters – To be Discovered” project and it is about an intercultural evening where food and other products from Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Croatia, Poland and Estonia were presented. The five volunteers also held short presentations about their country’s traditions and history.

It represented as well a good opportunity for volunteers and for Millennium Center to share with those present experenices and knowledge – gained throughout the entire project and also to present the advantages of participating into an EVS stage.

A number of about 80 persons took part to the intercultural evening. They were either friends of Millennium Center Association, but also persons that knew nothing about voluntary service and what it stands for. They all got to know people from different cultures and found out more about traditions, superstitions, cuisine, beverages and about all the other things that give a sense of uniquness to those particular countries.

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