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The Corp of blood donations

The Corp of blood donations

Founded in 2004 and composed of persons that are donating blood periodically:

  • Adrian Roman
  • Gabriel Chis
  • Sabrin Alasu
  • Oana Fotescu
  • Cazimir
  • Adrian Dehelean

New in 2006

  • Alexandra Anca
  • Alexandru Robert Popescu
  • Alexandru Tic
  • Anca Georgescu
  • Anca Madroane
  • Cazimir Formanek
  • Dani Sinaci
  • David Talpes
  • Delia Roman
  • Ioana Gavrila
  • Mara Vasiu
  • Mirela Faur
  • Paul Sabin Ghita
  • Raluca Prodan
  • Razvan Mosneanu
  • Simona Lazar
  • Smaranda Filipciuc
  • Sonia Puscasu
  • Tudor Iancu

New in 2008

  • Chertes Ioan Petru
  • Ignisca Bianca
  • Bataneant Dan
  • Taulea Georgeta
  • Covaci Andina
  • Barath Edina
  • Jurcoi Alexandru
  • Purtan Alexandra
  • Turla Ioana
  • Moga Ancuta
  • Hantig Alin
  • Gligor Andrei
  • Banes Bianca
  • Grigore Alexandru
  • Caba Maira Izabela
  • Borza Cristina
  • Galea Mircea
  • Rus Loredana
  • Carp Radian
  • Rada Lorena


There is a major necessity of blood from time to time in Arad county. In those moments representatives of the Transfusion Center in Arad are appealing to citizens for intensifying blood donations. And sometimes they do intensify. But there ar risks. What if at a certain moment, between the request for blood and the moment of the donation somebody desperately needs blood?

There is no need in showing you gruesome images because we believe everybody can imagine life and death, everybody knows how it is to see a man suffering, an accidented man, a baby borned with problems, persons that can live (or not!) depending on (or not…) a reserve of blood. Depending on the possibility and willingness to donate of everyone of us.

From our experience we can say that the procedure, once passed the first day, is simple, it does not take much time, let’s say about 30 minutes if there aren’t any others waiting, usually, there aren’t. It doesn’t hurts you, it does leave no trace. It’s benefical for your body, blood being practically a tissue, after the donation it regenerates, a younger tissue appears.

Those who have never donated have to be tested and after that they will be able to make their first donation. Anyhow, in case you decide to join ourselves in this type of action, please send an e-mail to us ( in which you make your choice in participating or not in the blood donation.

There are also some rights for the donators:

16 hours of courses (pupils, students) or two working days free for donation;
50% discount for urban common transport;
food sales slip, 300. 000 lei;

But beyond these rights, I believe the most important thing is that we have the opportunity to give our lives for other people. We have the opportunity to save a life, or at least to improve it. We have the chance to place hope. It’s a full of faith gesture, a moral one, that can return to us at any time.

Below there are certain conditions that a donator must fulfill, deduced from the discussion we had with Dr. Ionescu from the Tranfusion Center Arad. Here are some of them:

  • Age 18 – 65 years old;
  • healthy person;
  • must not be anaemic;
  • over 50 kilos;
  • must not have or had Hepatitis C, B, tuberculosis, sifilis, epilepsy, malaria, must not be a drug consumer

For more details:

  • Transfusion Center Arad – 0257 270597 – Spitalului Street, No. 2-2, between the intersection of Intim and Jackson Complex

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